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CliniT is a 360 digital solution empowering sponsors, investigators and patients to better monitor clinical trials and provide fast and accurate outcomes.



  • Bio and Pharma companies are spending globally more than USD 130 billion per year in drug development.
  • Research – and more specifically clinical trials – are a long and complex process with no guarantee of success.
  • Only 1 drug is approved by the FDA per 5000 compounds in R&D.
  • During clinical trial, the overall success rate from Phase I to submission is around 19%.
  • In addition, the delays that occur during research are often attributed to clinical trials.
  • 86% of clinical trials will experience delays.
  • 94% of trials are delayed by over 1 month.
  • For each day a clinical trial is delayed, this costs a trial sponsor $8 million per day.


In this context, well identified pain points interfere with Clinical Trial management and success.
Each stakeholder faces specific challenges as below.
  • Sponsors

  • Lack of communication & real-time reporting from CRO and investigators to avoid significant and costly issues such as adverse events and unnecessary delays.
  • Clinical data are reported by individual trials in various ways which may cause a labour-intensive process to gain data insights.
  • Lack of common approach to protect the privacy of individuals involved in clinical trials.
  • Investigators

  • Lack of consistency across protocols makes implementation and reporting difficult for sites, regulators and patients.
  • Application of the use of electronic sources of data for clinical trials has been slow to be adopted across the industry - particularly for registration trials - due in part to difficulties in operationalization.
  • Investigators lack training and face difficulties to recruit patients.
  • Patients

  • The percentage of non-compliant patients remain high during trials distorting the final results.
  • 70% of potential participants live more than two hours away from the nearest study centre.
  • Over 90% of study participants want to know the results of their clinical trials yet only 8% report hearing from the study staff after the trial has ended.



In order to tackle these challenges, our innovative approach led us to develop a solution to improve and accelerate clinical trials efficiency through people selection, data tracking and analysis: CliniT® was born.

Meet CliniT® a one stop digital trial solution to link together sponsors,
investigators and patients in a secured and friendly environment.


  • Provides a smart insight into each trial thanks to a standardized digital protocol leading to real-time reporting. Track your trials and solve your problems before it’s too late.
  • Evaluation tools for research centers to aid in the selection process.
  • Easily track progress on all open clinical trials from a dashboard view.
  • Predictive analytics to model and identify clinical trial delays earlier.
  • Empowers investigator’s teams to better monitor day to day operations.
  • Add and invite patients to participate in a specific trial.
  • Manage the investigators team (through admin rights) and tasks allocation.
  • Upload standardized and digitalized protocols.
  • Monitor your patients’ actions, progress during the different phases.
  • Share easily key learning with other groups of investigators.
  • Access to continuous training document.
  • Automatic reporting to Sponsor / CRO.
  • Provides peace of mind to patients by reducing social isolation and driving them through each step of the trial. Emotional well-being, daily advices and symptoms monitoring are considered to make the patients real contributors to the trial success.
  • It accompanies the patient through the trial, encouraging compliance.
  • It‘s a companion and a helper. She encourages the patient when positive results are observed, reminds of appointments, needs of prescriptions refills, unread messages or when the patient forgets to charge/wear its tracking device.
  • She warns the patient when abnormal results are observed.
  • Important messages appear through pop-ups, while other less important ones are notified on the top bar.


CliniT provides not only a data rich environment for making clinical trials significantly more efficient, but improves the relationships between stakeholders.
Together, CliniT Track, Check, and Companion bring brains, heart, and soul to the clinical trial process.
We are proud to showcase CliniT as part of our partnership with Sanofi at VivaTech 2017.
Read the article here.

Better coordination. Faster and more accurate results.

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