The Relievent project is a demo project built in partnership with Veeva. 
Its objective was to showcase how a multi-channel solution combined with effective story-telling help brands reach out and engage customers with tailored content. 
This is our joint solution on how to grow your business and engagement opportunities, not your costs.


Custom content

The opening screens allow physicians to express their prescription pattern with the flows customized accordingly to their choice made.

The right dose of interaction

The surest way to turn your audience off is through information overload, endless videos and unrelated content.

Our main purpose is to create a meaningful, constructive dialogue with the physician to quickly understand their needs and propose them the best solution in the most efficient manner. Hence we create interactive & intuitive content that allows the physician to actively participate and react.

This is key to help them understand and recall key messages.

Scientific data becomes a part of a grand compelling story that is told through unique ways making the overall product intentions crystal clear: "short-term exacerbation reduction combined with long-term control provide freedom".

Call summary

  • Summarize the discussed topics.
  • Allow the physician to explore discussed topics online.
  • Plan next call with the doctor.
  • Wrap up with a quick reminder of the main information. This section can be accessed directly by clicking on the closing button if there is limitation to physician's time.



Allow quick event registration based on localisation with automatic email RVSP confirmation.


Almost the same level of interactivity, from the office. Online calls delivering the right message by sharing rich content online. This can be built on existing Veeva ready F2F digital materials with minor adaptation, keeping costs and development time down.

Real-time web navigation and collaboration that works!

And because it's built into multichannel Veeva CRM, all interactions are captured and coordinated.


Easy self-access to tailor made information. We use enhanced face-to-face content with voice over and personalized flow. This also allows for the collection of online behaviours to fine-tune future engagements.


For when your salesforce needs to send compliant, approved personalized content. We integrate Veeva approved email function in our story flow to push content at the right time. Provide additional studies to physicians; help them register to a congress; send them a summary of your call in a flash without interrupting your discussion.

DRCOM is the only agency in Asia with level 4 certification and has the expertise to develop MCM tools to engage with potential customers on various platforms.

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