From Boardroom to Exam Room - Your Conversation Starts Here

When you need someone to kickstart the conversation between 
pharma, doctor, patient, and consumer – drcom sets the table.
drcom is built by innovators with medical, technical, and creative expertise 
helping people understand each other better. After all, 
when we learn from each other, great things 
can be created.

We are an independent life science marketing agency specializing in promoting your digital discussion. From global campaign communication to local digital initiatives, we build community through enhanced and personalized interactions. We do this with our innovative multichannel strategy and unique solutions custom made for your specific needs.

drcom Brings You Global Healthcare Solutions

drcom knows your brand development needs to happen on a
local and global level, and we do this by bringing what we
affectionately call a glocal connection. Using our diverse lens
to evaluate global vision and local aspirations – we create a fluid vision.
Not only do we have a global vision, but we also have a vast global footprint.
With offices in the US, Europe, and APAC, we deploy Glocal marketing
strategies to create locally relevant, yet globally consistent projects. Our pulse
on local regulations ensures compliance at every step.

Keeping Life in Life Sciences with a Digital Human Touch

What we do best is bringing the human touch behind every digital solution by utilizing the latest technology. drcom maintains constant evolution and adoption of cutting edge technologies to keep conversations relevant and genuine. We make the most of the latest technology tools to bring you digital solutions.

Technology is useless without feeling the soul – THE LIFE – behind it

Apps, web development, e-detailing, social, immersive experiences, CMS, CRM are just some of the digital tools we use to bring everyone together. We never forget about the person using the tool – driving the human touch we provide in our creations.
As an independent company, we have the freedom to keep our vision of innovative life science communication relevant. We aren’t tied down by larger oversights and have the mobility to go where inspiration takes us. With this freedom creates digital ecosystems with new ways of reaching people. We proudly support small, medium, and large scale Life Sciences and Pharma companies in their digital marketing initiatives.

Expertise in various domains – we are diverse problem solvers.

Medical directors and copywriters collaborate with creative experts to fuse science knowledge and storytelling. Creative innovators and technical gurus find solutions to bring your ideas to life in impressionable and practical ways. Your account manager will ensure a strong link between our collaboration and your client so your goals are exceeded without a hitch.


Through research, exploration, and intentional design we have proved our level of expertise is certified by our strategic partners