5 Benefits of Modular Content

What is modular content?

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Modular content is a new concept of supplying content to support your omnichannel strategy, being the ‘middle ground’ between singular blocks such as disclaimers and graphics and fully furnished materials such as eDetailers. Think of modular content as bundles of content which are pre-approved (1 key benefit) to assist you with your storytelling.

Modular content also helps pharmaceutical marketing teams to save time when creating materials as these bundles of pre-approved content only needs to be reviewed and approved once from their legal and medical team.

Your same pre-approved modular content can be used across various channels such as Approved Emails, eDetailing and HCP Portals etc. They can also be combined in different ways to enhance your creativity and storytelling.

Benefits of modular content

Here are some common and important reasons to consider switching to modular content:

  • Enhancing omnichannel: This is because of your new ability to be able to combine different modules to tell different stories. Hence, you will be able to cater to different personalized customer journeys as part of your omnichannel strategies.

  • Lower risks: Your bundles of content should already be pre-approved by your legal & medical teams. Hence, future usages is already compliant.

  • Quicker production: With pre-approved and existing content, you will be able to assemble materials quicker.

  • Time saving: Your legal & medical teams avoid having to repeatedly review and approve the same messages.

  • Reduced costs: Re-using and combining pre-approved bundles of content reduces your need to create content from scratch again. Not only does this save time, it also possibly reduces your outsourced content creation costs.

Best practices for modular content

Transiting to modular content may seem like a huge task, but the pros outweighs the cons. Here are some recommended best practices to implement modular content without disrupting your current content supply-chain:

  • Take small steps: Consider this as a trial transition. Implement it as part of a singular channel at a slower pace, allowing all involved parties (legal, marketing & medical etc) to familiarize with the process and get comfortable with it.

  • Share success metrics: After attempting some trials, share key metrics to show how modular content has benefitted all involved parties. For example, show your legal & medical team the time that they saved from having to conduct lesser reviews & approvals. Other success metrics to be shared in the later part of the article.

  • Templates: Having standardized templates allows your bundles of content to be assembled quickly and it will also encourage brand consistency.

  • Create a claims library: Get your claims aka pre-approved statements which are supported by references stored in a shared library as these will be used regularly. This will promote quicker production and time savings.

Determining success

How do we know if it was worth the effort to implement and transition to the modular content concept? Here are some metrics that we can measure to let data do the talking.

  • Number of approvals & reviews: After implementing the modular content concept, your legal & medical teams should see a decrease in the number of repeated reviews and approvals. The same bundles of pre-approved content should not be reviewed again.

  • Content reusage: Track to see if your different bundles of pre-approved content is being reused purposefully to tell different stories.

  • Materials production speed: With modular content, your time to produce finalized materials from bundles of content should be decreased.

  • Better engagements: With the new ability to tell different stories with bundles of pre-approved content, you should be able to personalize your materials to cater to different customer journeys. This should lead to a better customer experience and hence, better engagements for you.

With modular content becoming increasingly popular thanks to Veeva (PromoMats), drcom has the certifications and expertise to assist you to create stories quicker and in a compliant manner. Your transition to modular content is just an email away: michael.phee[at]drcomgroup.com / marketing[at]drcomgroup.com

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