Your Guide to Snackable Content

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Meet Dr. Rosemary (not her real name). A Mother of two, a Wife as well as a General Practitioner who’s swarmed with patients – she barely has time for lunch. With HCPs like her being starved for time and bombarded by multiple rep visits and webinar invitations, how can pharmaceuticals engage her effectively?

Introducing snackable content – brief, yet impactful.

What is snackable content?

Think of it as bite-sized and light digital experiences designed to deliver educational and promotional content. It can be consumed by HCPs within a short amount of time and also produced by you (or your agencies) in a relatively short amount of time.

Why should you consider using snackable content?

Think omnichannel. An omnichannel approach aims to deliver a personalized experience for your HCPs – delivering the right content using the right channel at the right time.

Apart from HCPs preferences, snackable content is suitable to HCPs such as Dr. Rosemary who doesn’t have lots of time to sift through an entire website. You can get the key messages across, but do note that it isn’t a like-for-like replacement for long-form content and engagements, such as webinars and websites.

Some examples of snackable content include (but not limited to):

  • Animated gifs
  • Short-form videos (think netflix style, multiple bite-sized videos)
  • Infographics and visual banners

While snackable content isn’t meant to replace long-form content, you can use it as a hook and/or the initial touchpoint. For example, you can send HCPs visual banners via whatsapp to invite them to a webinar which will happen at a later date.

Furthermore, snackable content is quicker (and usually cheaper) to produce versus an entire website.

Next, you will be able to deliver a larger variety of personalized content for your different HCP segments due to the shorter turnaround time, and also engage them through possible interactivities.

In short, snackable content is personalized, interactive and efficient.

Best practices for impactful snackable content

  1. Did you previously had long-form content which was highly engaging, such as articles and/or webinars?
  2. Select the key takeaway and turn it into an animated gif or infographic.
  3. You can also remix longer content into multiple bite-sized formats.
  4. Your content needs to be short, easy to understand and engaging.
  5. Your content needs to focus on solving a problem.
  6. Conduct A/B tests (where possible), and use the data obtained to further improve your future snackable engagements.

We hope that you’ve gained some insights into leveraging snackable content to engage with HCPs. If you’d like to view some case studies, do drop us an email at michael.phee[at] / marketing[at]

for further contact.