Best Practices for eDetailing

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eDetailing – What is it exactly and what advantage does it offer as part of your omnichannel strategy? This article provides fundamental information before going deeper into the best practices and examining the role that eDetailing currently plays as part of your omnichannel strategy. You’ll discover how it is transforming and what it requires to satisfy present-day healthcare professionals (HCPs) needs.

What does eDetailing mean?

Electronic detailing (aka eDetailing) simply refers to digitizing pharmaceutical content (disease, product, sales or a hybrid) and putting it on a mobile platform (commonly on iPads). The mobile platform or tool will be used by pharmaceutical representatives in conjunction with an eDetailer to present and engage with HCPs.

Mobile platforms or even iPads are commonly used nowadays as it offers your pharmaceutical representatives flexibility, interactivity and versatility to create a more engaging experience with HCPs versus traditional laptops.

eDetailing is usually one of the key primary channels and/or part of an integrated omnichannel strategy used to engage with HCPs.

Here is an example of how eDetailing can be an important part of your omnichannel strategy and an optimized customer journey for HCPs:

What are the benefits of eDetailing?

  • Enhanced engagements with HCPs: Interactivity is now possible with digital presentations on mobile platforms, which in turn produces a more engaging experience. Common interactivities include animations, which brings your presentation to life.

  • Better management of content: Your digital presentations can be adapted and changed quickly to offer greater customizations depending on your HCPs profile and segmentation, as compared to traditional paper presentations such as brochures.

  • Collection of marketing insights: Your pharmaceutical representative will be able to take note of your HCPs engagements and interactions on particular slides and this data can be used to further enhance your future presentations.

Best practices for eDetailing

  • Test your eDetailers: Go through every animation, interactivity and slides. Think of this as a ‘test run’ to uncover any content and technical errors. You will not want your pharmaceutical representative to run into an awkward situation with the HCPs.

  • Include interactivity: Using interactivity such as animations can make your presentations more engaging and interesting for HCPs.

  • Storytelling: Using various storytelling techniques will bring your presentations up a notch to make your presentations ‘stand-out’ and also provides greater engagements with your HCPs.

  • Continuous training: It is important to have regular internal training sessions with your pharmaceutical representatives to ensure that their knowledge and presentation skills are up-to-date. If you would like drcom to conduct engaging workshops for your field teams, send us an enquiry over here.

In a nutshell, eDetailers is an important part of your omnichannel strategy that can be highly engaging if it is leveraged well. There are still numerous other benefits and best practices (ie user interface & the human factors etc), as well as some case studies that we would like to share. Do send us an email at michael.phee[at] to enquire further.

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