5 ways to enhance your HCP engagements

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Planning ahead for the upcoming year? While we’ve entered what we called the “post-pandemic era”, the dynamics of engaging HCPs hasn’t and shouldn’t change drastically. Even with Face-to-face (aka F2F) engagements by the field force is returning, digital is still an integral part of your omnichannel strategy. In this article, we’ll discuss some of our personal opinions on how you can enhance your HCP engagements.

Adopt Omnichannel for your HCP engagements.

Needless to say, omnichannel IS the way to go. It provides a personalized experience for your HCPs. This is different from multichannel, whereby the same content is simply repeated on multiple channels.

Start to adopt an omnichannel strategy and for those who already have a system in place, it is time to relook at your data and HCP preferences to customize personalized experiences & journeys for them.

It is also important to segment your HCPs to ensure that you’ll be sending the right content, via the right channel and using the right format.

Here are some best practices to adopt to empower your omnichannel success:

  • Data analytics: Leveraging data to make better and more precised customer segmentation
  • Tracking KPIs: This will assist you in identifying issues to improve your future campaigns
  • Personalization: Delivering precise, preferred and a curated experience for your HCPs
  • Time of delivery: When are your HCPs more likely to (e.g open an approved email)
  • Storytelling: Making your content stand-out
  • Framework: Useful to internally visualize your customer’s journey
  • Message flows: Content sequencing for each customer’s journey

Implement Gamification.

Gamification is the concept of applying gaming-design elements and gaming principles, even in non-gaming contexts. Also, it can be understood as a group of activities and processes to achieve a set of goals by applying similar characteristics of the gaming elements.

So why did we recommend to implement gamification?

It provides a highly engaging and unorthodox experience for your intended audience, and highly engaged customers are usually more loyal and profitable than your average (and new) customers.

Don’t Belittle Snackable Content

Brief, yet impactful.

Think of snackable content as bite-sized and light digital experiences designed to deliver educational and promotional content. It can be consumed by HCPs within a short amount of time and also produced by you (or your agencies) in a relatively short amount of time.

Apart from HCPs preferences, snackable content is suitable to HCPs who doesn’t have lots of time to sift through an entire website. You can get the key messages across, but do note that it isn’t a like-for-like replacement for long-form content and engagements, such as webinars and websites.

Some examples of snackable content include (but not limited to):

  • Animated gifs
  • Short-form videos (think netflix style, multiple bite-sized videos)
  • Infographics and visual banners

Furthermore, snackable content is quicker (and usually cheaper) to produce versus an entire website.

Next, you will be able to deliver a larger variety of personalized content for your different HCP segments due to the shorter turnaround time, and also engage them through possible interactivities.

In short, snackable content is personalized, interactive and efficient.

Adapt Modular Content

Modular content is a new concept of supplying content to support your omnichannel strategy, being the ‘middle ground’ between singular blocks such as disclaimers and graphics and fully furnished materials such as eDetailers. Think of modular content as bundles of content which are pre-approved (1 key benefit) to assist you with your storytelling.

Modular content also helps pharmaceutical marketing teams to save time when creating materials as these bundles of pre-approved content only needs to be reviewed and approved once from their legal and medical team.

Your same pre-approved modular content can be used across various channels such as Approved Emails, eDetailing and HCP Portals etc. They can also be combined in different ways to enhance your creativity and storytelling.

Learn more about the benefits & best practices of modular content here.

Selecting the Right Partner

The digital agency landscape is crowded with specialist firms, large full-service organizations, and traditional consultancies moving into the creative space, making it difficult for marketing managers to identify which ones are able to meet their brand needs.

There are many benefits to hiring a digital agency but hiring the right agency will ensure you see the results you want. However, knowing how to choose the right digital agency for your brand isn’t quite straightforward.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll obtain by selecting the right partner, such as drcom.

  • Storytelling expertise: We understand the significance of infusing stories into our copywriting & designs to make your engagements stand-out from the rest.
  • Access to a full team of experts: From strategic consultants, medical copywriters, creative designers & expert developers etc, we have the necessary expertise to cover your full end-to-end needs from strategy to content development to the deployment.
  • A wealth of experience: Being solely focused on the life sciences industry for over a decade, we’ve worked with more than 30 globally renowned pharmaceuticals to enhance their omnichannel capabilities.

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