Case Study: Migrating >50 websites to Drupal in less than a year

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In this article, we’ll run through a recent case study whereby we’ve successfully migrated over 50 Takeda’s websites in less than a year. Discussions about the challenges, solutions and the results will be shown below.

The Challenge.

Originally hosted on Epi, their websites were developed in a consistent but rigid framework.

Over time, it became apparent that they needed a lighter weight solution.

One that was forward looking and promoted agility and flexibility.

The Solution.

We migrated all Takeda’s websites to Drupal, one of the best open source digital experience platform on the web.

Complementing this move was our adoption of Pantheon, one of the fastest and most reliable WebOps platform available today.

Additionally, we built and implemented a reusable Component Library to enable plug and play functionality.

Collectively, this technology stack held the promise of migrating and creating websites even simpler, faster  and more efficiently than ever before; and it has.

The Results.

Since the transition, the results have been extraordinary.

[Ease of use]
Workflows are vastly simplified, and reliance on external teams for any content updates are reduced. With Drupal, we give back control of the build and update of websites back to where it belongs: in the hands of the LOCs.

Having the assurance of Drupal’s robust built-in security with frequent updates, means that they can spend less on added security tools and more time focusing on what they do best.

[Cost savings]
Every site migrated to Drupal saved Takeda approximately 85% to 90% in hosting and support costs. New sites are more affordable costing 50% less.

[Time savings]
Their sites can engage their customers quicker due to the faster and more efficient processes.

In total, over 50 of Takeda’s websites are now running on Drupal. This provides:

– flexibility for their marketing teams to build stunning sites.

– Reusable integrations to supporting systems such as Spotme, TakedaID and Salesforce Marketing Cloud to provide seamless customer experiences.

– The ability to digitize and automate paper-based processes for their HCPs.

– The agility to upgrade websites, and deploy content updates in a manner of days instead of weeks.

And much more.

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