Case Study: 0 to 144k Followers – A Transformative Patient Engagement Campaign

In this article, we’ll run through a recent case study whereby we’ve successfully planned & deployed a regional patient engagement campaign, as well as growing the campaign’s social media pages to a collective of 144k followers and counting – and that was just 1 of the many objectives. Discussion about the challenges, solutions and results will be shown below.

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The Patient Engagement Challenge.

Our client wanted to drive awareness about a disease to patients & prospective patients, with various call-to-actions along the journey.

However, it became apparent that there are strict regulations in place with regard to patient engagements.

So, what was the solution?

The Patient Engagement Solution.

With regulations in mind, the core of our solution was to come up with an unbranded brand that was themed around the disease, and we adopted an educational approach for the whole campaign.

The anchor of the campaign was the unbranded brand’s website, with the objective of establishing it as an authoritative portal for patients to seek trusted information, also leveraging 2 different social media platforms as gateways to the website.

So how did we establish the website as an authoritative portal?

We had sections of articles that were published by HCPs themselves to build trust.

Also, to drive commitment from patients, the website also had an online assessment where patients can print the results, and subsequently view nearest clinics to them, all on the same website.

Next, to gain traction, we leveraged a mix of influencers, SEO, SEM & paid online ads to drive attention to both the social media platforms & website. A/B testing was done, along with regular reviews to further enhance future performances.

We’ve also considered our target audience to design & write content that resonates with them, in a lively manner!

The Results of the Patient Engagement Campaign.

  • 0 to 144k social media followers & counting
  • Increased website visitors
  • Various keywords ranked on page 1 of google
  • Continuous online assessments completed
  • …and more!

Note: Certain information was withheld to respect our client’s privacy.

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