Drcom receives Veeva CRM MyInsights certification

Veeva CRM MyInsights will enable drcom to easily create tailored data visualizations, delivered right in Veeva CRM. We are excited to empower our customers’ field teams with actionable Insights for better execution.


Monday, July 08, 2018 – 11:07

On May 8, 2017, Veeva Systems (NYSE: VEEV) announced Veeva CRM MyInsights, an innovative new cloud-based data visualization capability that provides tailored insights right in Veeva CRM. On the same day, drcom was certified on Veeva CRM MyInsights, an innovative new data visualization capability that provides tailored insights right in Veeva CRM.

Along with its announcement of Veeva CRM MyInsights, Veeva also unveiled a new certification program that offers customers an ecosystem of providers trained to create pre-built dashboards and custom data visualizations. Drcom is one of the first to join the growing Veeva CRM MyInsights certified provider ecosystem.

“Veeva CRM MyInsights gives customers the ability to visualize their data any way they want and embed it right at the point of action,” said Arno Sosna, general manager of Veeva CRM. “Flexible and easy to use, Veeva CRM MyInsights can be quickly developed or extended for tailored data visualizations that drive the best actions at the right time.”
Veeva CRM MyInsights’ flexible framework allows customers or partners to easily create or customize data visualizations using standard HTML or JavaScript.

“Veeva solutions deliver unmatched flexibility and ease for customization,” said Bruno Senouci, COO at DRCOM Group. “Veeva CRM MyInsights delivers data visualization innovation that we are excited to leverage for our customers”.

Veeva CRM MyInsights comes as a natural extension of our effort to help our clients build better customer relationships. It brings a very simple and cost effective way to further leverage the use of our data to “close the loop” with visually attractive dashboards and actionable insights.

“We are excited to implement Veeva CRM MyInsights with our clients to improve visibility on event management and segmentation. And our clients and teams keep coming in with new ideas! The fact that it is fully embedded and so easy to deploy makes it a feature I would heartily recommend to all Veeva users,” said Caroline Bard, managing director of Drcom Singapore.

Our customers in China, where Veeva has a strong presence, are also interested with this new feature.
“In China, everything has to go fast. Field teams rarely have the time to access data in separate tools and aggregate different sources of data to make sense of it all. With Veeva, they have everything at their finger tips.” said Robin Roumengas, managing director of drcom China. For example, a Veeva CRM MyInsights pre-call planning dashboard brings together all the relevant data needed, delivered right in Veeva CRM on a mobile device.

Drcom is a boutique communication agency specialized in medical communication and a pioneer in Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) and digital multichannel strategy in life sciences. For further information, please contact Bruno Senouci, COO of drcom.

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