The investment platform for foreign-based French entrepreneurs

The investment platform connecting co-investors with foreign-based French entrepreneurs.


Monday, July 08, 2017 – 11:06

The emergence of a community of overseas French entrepreneurs
For a long time, generations of French entrepreneurs have been building and developing their businesses abroad in high growth areas. By going abroad, these entrepreneurs move away from their natural “friends & family” network and sometimes face difficulties to raise funds locally.

Indeed, Drcom founders, Robin and Didier Roumengas and Bruno Senouci, were French entrepreneurs based in South East Asia in need of capital to develop their business. As a minority shareholder, French Partners invested c.$2 Mil in Drcom and will take an active board role supporting the company’s growth across Asia and beyond.

An investment and financing platform for French expatriates
In light of this diagnosis, a group of investors and entrepreneurs launched French Partners, a platform dedicated to financing and supporting the dynamic community of French expatriates. French Partners is not only an equity investor for foreign-based companies set by French entrepreneurs, but also offers co-investment opportunities to qualified investors wishing to follow the same investment strategy.

A proprietary and diverse deal-flow of opportunities across the world
French Partners offers to its co-investors an exclusive and diverse (sector, geography, type of asset and development phase) deal flow. French Partners targets in particular start-ups and SMEs with strong growth as well as some innovative investment funds.

A minority shareholder support for entrepreneurs over time (5 to 7 years)
French Partners invests €1m to €5m in equity per transaction, often in a minority stake, alone or co-investing with other local or international investors. French Partners invests at least 10% (minimum €100k) of the round in each of the opportunities presented on the platform and offers qualified investors and family offices to co-invest alongside them.

An experienced team and a strong network
The team consists of independent investors, including Emilie Loyer Buttiaux (CEO, 10 years of investment, London, Paris), Nicolas Macquin (16 years of investment, London, Paris, Geneva), Mickael Ohana (serial entrepreneur, Paris, New York, Los Angeles), Benjamin Persyn (10 years of investment, Paris, Hong Kong), Jean-Marc Jabre (10 of years investment, New York, San Francisco), and Guillaume Sagez (10 years of investments, Cologne, Sao Paulo).

French Partners added value is primarily its network of a hundred co-investors who are part of the vast community of successful French entrepreneurs willing to share their personal experience in a constructive and collaborative manner.


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French Partners veut booster les startuppers tricolores expatriés – Les Echos, May 17th 2017

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