Case Study: WeChat

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WeChat is owned by the tech giants, Tencent, and it is the largest social networking platform in China. As of January 2022, it has over 1.28 Billion monthly active users and 500 Million monthly active users for their mini programs.[1]

So what has this got to do with HCPs, Patients and Consumers?

WeChat started out as a ‘Messenger-style’ service in 2011 and has since evolved to include applications such as mini-programs, DTC education, HCP verifications and telehealth etc. Also, users have to create the accounts with real information, which improves the validity of its users.

Also, WeChat aims to be the ‘go-to’ application for digital healthcare strategies. Here are some of the renowned features:

  • Chinese Medical Doctor Association (authenticating HCPs)
  • Tencent Medical Knowledge Bank (medical educational content for consumers)
  • Tencent Trusted Doctors (online appointments and payments)
  • WeDoctor (telehealth)
  • and many more…
WeChat Logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

The Challenge.

Our client wanted to educate their intended audience with nutritional knowledge and to increase their readership, but did not have the capabilities and expertise to do so. Also, it was pointed out that their audience may not be able to understand scientific terms.

The Solution.

drcom developed an unbranded mini-program and published weekly articles for our client. We made the articles engaging by:

  • Using factually correct yet simple terms in our articles
  • Focusing on an educational instead of a corporate approach
  • Designing visually appealing banners and infographics
  • Breaking down the content into ‘mini sections’ so that it was easier for our readers to understand
  • Adding voiceovers for better interactivity

The agile methodology was also used to ensure that we were able to churn out highly engaging articles on a weekly basis.

The Outcome.

The initial campaign lasted for 6 months and based on Newrank, we had the highest overall readership! Furthermore, our client also received >12,000 registrations as well!

*Note: Certain information was omitted to respect our client’s privacy.

For any clarifications and enquiries, please kindly send us an email: michael.phee[at]


[1]: WeChat users and platform insights 2022, 18th May 2022,’s,Account%20has%20360%20million%20users.

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