How to enhance your Webinar engagements

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Sounds familiar, isn’t it?

With HCPs usually busy and receiving numerous invitations to various Webinars, how can you make your Webinars stand-out and leave a lasting impression on HCPs?

Webinars are commonly used to discuss about diseases, spread key messages and to engage with HCPs, which in turn, can generate warm leads for Pharmaceuticals. Your content and execution of your webinars can affect your HCPs experience.

When you’re attempting to engage with HCPs via Webinars, the stakes are high. You’ll be investing a considerable amount of effort, money and time into it. Too much has been invested for it to fail – It simply must not happen. So how can we host a Webinar which leave your HCPs wanting for more?

The Invitation

This is one of the first few important steps. You’ll definitely need a sizeable number of HCPs attending so that you can get your key messages across during the webinars.

Setting an appropriate date and time:

Plan your webinar in advance as this will allow HCPs to plan their schedules ahead. It is also worth to do some research to ensure that your competitors aren’t hosting similar webinars on a similar date.
Daytime of after working hours? There are pros and cons for both.

During the day, some HCPs may have advanced appointments with patients, even with advanced planning on your end. The good thing is that humans are generally more alert during the day and hence, they’ll be able to concentrate more during your webinars.

Evenings and night timings may get you larger attendance; but HCPs may generally be tired after a hectic day and may not be able to concentrate fully during your webinars. Hence, poor engagements and low remembrance of key messages may be the negative effects from it.

Copywriting and Visuals matter:

Crafting a short and crisp subject line is important to show the value of your webinars to showcase what your HCPs will walk away with.

  • A good example: Learn how to shorten [treatment] time with [KOL]. Limited seats available.
  • A mediocre example: Come to our webinar on [date]

Do also consider designing a visually appealing and engaging banner along with a dedicated microsite (or integration with your HCP Portals) with a clear call-to-action. This is usually paired with a brief description of the webinar on why HCPs should attend and what value they can gain. Nobody will want to attend a relatively long webinar on just anything.

Minimizing attendees dropout

Fantastic! You’ve reached your desired number of HCP registrations for your upcoming webinar, or is it?

Realistically speaking, there are usually (some) dropouts which can occur due to some unforeseen circumstances from HCPs (ie extended patient appointments and personal issues etc). However, on our end, we can minimize the dropouts to ensure a healthy attendance.

Consider sending at least 2 reminders combined with teasers – Midway between your registration launch and the actual webinar as well as a few days before the actual webinar.

Combining your reminders with teasers will actually kickstart your engagements with HCPs. This can reinforce a sense of positive anticipation for the webinar. Do also consider reminding HCPs what values they can takeaway from the webinars.

The Webinar (or live show).

Ideally, you’ll want to select KOL(s) who’re renowned in the community with some charismatic traits. We’ll recommend working closely with them before the actual webinar to finalize your visually appealing materials (wall of texts not recommended) and to conduct rehearsals. After all, your webinar IS a live show.

Next, you’ll want to consider going beyond ‘powerpoint slides and webcams’. Think of your webinar as a live production show – You’ll want to impress your HCPs. Have you ever thought about a ‘TEDx’ style live show with live ultra-clear cameras, hosts, moderators and KOLs all seamlessly engaging with your audiences?

Another consideration is to include gamification and storytelling elements to enhance engagements and interactions.

In terms of technicalities, do ensure that your webinars (or live shows) are mobile-friendly, and the audio & visuals are clear.


You might think that your webinar was a success, but what did your HCPs actually think? It doesn’t hurt to dig deeper by following up with your attendees to gather genuine feedback to further improve your subsequent webinars.

Another common practise is to provide a recording to your attendees (and dropouts) for them to view it ‘on-demand’.

We hope that you’ve taken away some tips to enhance your webinar’s engagements. If you have any enquiries, please feel free to drop us an email: michael.phee[at]

Thank you!

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